Preventing Gasoline Spills: Safeguarding the Environment and Ensuring Safety

ThinTech has made it our mission to provide long-term cost-effective solutions from exterior structural to industrial asset production our coatings stand in harsh environments


ThinTech Coatings specializes in advanced coatings for various surfaces to prevent corrosion, enhance durability, and simplify maintenance. Two of our flagship products, ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss and Metal Coating Gloss, were tested in multiple locations to combat hydrocarbon and bird waste corrosion, resulting in improved aesthetics and easier maintenance.


One of the significant challenges faced by Mobil gas stations was the prevention of spilled gasoline or oil from seeping into the concrete and potentially contaminating the ground and groundwater. Recognizing the environmental impact of such contamination, Mobil took proactive measures to address this issue by contacting ThinTech Coatings.


By implementing effective strategies like the use of concrete coatings in their fueling bays, Mobil ensured that any accidental gasoline spills would be contained and prevented from penetrating the concrete surfaces. This protective measure played a crucial role in safeguarding the environment, preserving the integrity of the ground, and preventing the leaching of harmful substances into the groundwater.   Mobil’s commitment to environmental responsibility sets an example for the industry, highlighting the importance of proactive measures to minimize the impact of fuel-related activities on our ecosystems.




ThinTech Coatings’ successful trials and applications of ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss and Metal Coating Gloss have demonstrated their effectiveness in preventing hydrocarbon and bird waste corrosion on statues and commercial building window sills across diverse locations. The coatings not only preserved the aesthetic integrity of the surfaces but also made them easier to clean and reduced contamination, leading to enhanced maintenance and extended surface life.


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