Preserving Beauty by the Sea: A Puerto Vallarta Window Sill Revival

ThinTech has made it our mission to provide long-term cost-effective solutions from exterior structural to industrial asset production our coatings stand in harsh environments


ThinTech Coatings specializes in advanced coatings for various surfaces to prevent corrosion, enhance durability, and simplify maintenance. Two of our flagship products, ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss and Metal Coating Gloss, were tested in multiple locations to combat hydrocarbon and bird waste corrosion, resulting in improved aesthetics and easier maintenance.


  1. Coastal Environment: The reference to a “coastal environment” indicates that the location of the building is near the coast or ocean. Coastal areas are characterized by higher humidity levels, saltwater exposure, and often more severe weather conditions, all of which can have a significant impact on building materials.
  2. Rapid Deterioration: The term “rapid deterioration” suggests that the window sills experienced a swift and noticeable decline in their condition. This deterioration can manifest as staining, corrosion, or structural damage, depending on the materials used for the sills.
  3. Bird Waste and Moisture: Two primary factors contributing to the deterioration of the window sills were bird waste and moisture. Bird waste contains acidic components that can corrode surfaces, while moisture, especially in coastal areas, can exacerbate the effects of corrosion and staining.
In this context, the coastal environment played a crucial role in accelerating the deterioration of the window sills due to its unique combination of factors, including bird waste and moisture. Addressing these challenges became essential to ensure the sills’ longevity and maintain their appearance.


  1. Applied ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss: This action involved the application of ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss to the surface of the window sills. ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss is a specialized coating product designed to provide a protective layer on concrete surfaces. It offers resistance to various environmental factors, including moisture, saltwater, and contaminants.
  2. Protect Against Saltwater and Bird Waste Corrosion: The primary objective of applying ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss was to protect the window sills from the corrosive effects of saltwater and bird waste. Saltwater, often found in coastal environments, can accelerate corrosion, while bird waste contains acidic components that can lead to staining and damage.
By applying this coating, the window sills gained a protective barrier that acted as a shield against saltwater and bird waste corrosion. It created a less porous and more resistant surface, making it challenging for these corrosive elements to penetrate and harm the sills. This proactive measure helped extend the lifespan of the sills, reduce maintenance requirements, and maintain their structural integrity and appearance in the face of coastal challenges.


  1. Extended Window Sill Lifespan: The application of ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss played a crucial role in extending the lifespan of the window sills. By creating a protective barrier against the corrosive effects of saltwater and bird waste, the coating helped prevent premature deterioration of the sills. This means that the sills were likely to remain in serviceable condition for a more extended period than they would have without the coating.
  2. Minimal Corrosion: The term “minimal corrosion” indicates that the corrosive effects of saltwater and bird waste were significantly reduced. The coating acted as a shield, making it challenging for these corrosive elements to cause damage to the window sills. As a result, the sills experienced only minimal corrosion, if any, compared to their previous condition.
  3. Reduced Maintenance: The protective qualities of ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss led to reduced maintenance requirements for the window sills. With minimal corrosion and staining, the sills were easier to clean and maintain. This reduced the need for frequent and intensive maintenance efforts, saving both time and resources.
In summary, the application of ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss resulted in an extended lifespan for the window sills, minimized corrosion, and reduced the overall maintenance burden. These outcomes contributed to the long-term preservation of the sills and ensured that they remained in good condition despite the challenges posed by the coastal environment.


ThinTech Coatings’ successful trials and applications of ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss and Metal Coating Gloss have demonstrated their effectiveness in preventing hydrocarbon and bird waste corrosion on statues and commercial building window sills across diverse locations. The coatings not only preserved the aesthetic integrity of the surfaces but also made them easier to clean and reduced contamination, leading to enhanced maintenance and extended surface life.


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