Building Restoration with ThinTech XD Bio Cleaner

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A commercial building located in a bustling urban environment faced severe aesthetic and structural challenges. The exterior of the building was marred by unsightly molds and stains on its sides, while the standing seam roof was plagued by stubborn hydrocarbon deposits. Seeking a sustainable and effective solution, the building owner turned to ThinTech XD Bio Cleaner for a comprehensive restoration effort.


  • Molds and Stains on Building Sides: The sides of the building were disfigured by the relentless growth of molds and stubborn stains. These unsightly blemishes not only affected the building’s appearance but also posed potential health risks.
  • Hydrocarbon Deposits on Standing Seam Roof: The standing seam roof, being exposed to urban pollution and environmental factors, had accumulated hydrocarbon deposits over time. These deposits not only tarnished the roof’s appearance but also threatened its structural integrity.


ThinTech XD Bio Cleaner, renowned for its eco-friendly and powerful cleaning capabilities, was selected as the solution to address the building’s restoration needs. 


  • Mold and Stain Removal: To tackle the molds and stains on the building sides, ThinTech XD Bio Cleaner was applied using a safe and controlled process. The biodegradable formula effectively penetrated the molds and stains, breaking them down at their core. This gentle yet potent cleaning process ensured that the building’s exterior was restored without causing damage to its surfaces.
  • Hydrocarbon Deposit Cleanup: For the standing seam roof, ThinTech XD Bio Cleaner’s unique formulation was employed to dissolve and remove hydrocarbon deposits. The coating was carefully applied to the affected areas, allowing the cleaner to penetrate and emulsify the stubborn residues. This process not only removed the unsightly deposits but also protected the roof from further hydrocarbon buildup.


The application of ThinTech XD Bio Cleaner yielded remarkable results:
  • Mold and Stain Removal: The building’s exterior was transformed from a mold-infested and stained facade into a pristine and visually appealing surface. Not only were the molds and stains completely eradicated, but the building also regained its original charm.
  • Hydrocarbon Deposit Cleanup: The standing seam roof was effectively cleaned of hydrocarbon deposits, restoring its gleaming appearance. Moreover, the protective properties of ThinTech XD Bio Cleaner left a resilient barrier that would deter future hydrocarbon buildup.


  1. Environmentally Friendly: ThinTech XD Bio Cleaner’s biodegradable formula ensured that the cleaning process was environmentally responsible, minimizing any adverse impact on the surroundings.
  2. Structural Preservation: The restoration efforts not only enhanced the building’s appearance but also contributed to its structural preservation, extending its lifespan.
  3. Ease of Maintenance: The cleaned surfaces were now easier to maintain, reducing the need for frequent and costly cleaning in the future.
  4. Enhanced Property Value: The building’s enhanced aesthetic appeal led to an increase in property value, benefiting the owner in both the short and long term.


The use of ThinTech XD Bio Cleaner provided an eco-friendly and effective solution to the challenges faced by the building. The restoration efforts resulted in a cleaner, more attractive, and structurally sound property. ThinTech XD Bio Cleaner not only met the building owner’s immediate needs but also offered long-term benefits in terms of maintenance and property value. This case study demonstrates the versatility and efficacy of ThinTech XD Bio Cleaner in addressing diverse cleaning challenges in both residential and commercial settings.


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