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Guarding Artistry in Laguna Beach: A Statue Preservation Success Story

ThinTech has made it our mission to provide long-term cost-effective solutions from exterior structural to industrial asset production our coatings stand in harsh environments


ThinTech Coatings specializes in advanced coatings for various surfaces to prevent corrosion, enhance durability, and simplify maintenance. Two of our flagship products, ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss and Metal Coating Gloss, were tested in multiple locations to combat hydrocarbon and bird waste corrosion, resulting in improved aesthetics and easier maintenance.


Bird Waste Corrosion: This refers to the damage caused by bird droppings on the surface of the statues. Bird waste contains acidic components that can gradually corrode and eat away at the materials comprising the statues, such as metal or stone. This corrosion process can result in unsightly stains, pitting, or even structural damage to the statues.The consequence of bird waste corrosion was a significant decline in the statues’ overall appearance. The accumulation of stains and the gradual erosion of the statue’s surface not only diminished their aesthetic appeal but also posed a threat to their long-term preservation. To address this issue, a solution was needed to protect the statues from further deterioration and restore their visual appeal.


  1. ThinTech Metal Coating Gloss Application: This action involved the careful application of ThinTech Metal Coating Gloss to the surfaces of the statues. ThinTech Metal Coating Gloss is a specialized coating product designed to provide a protective barrier on metal surfaces. When applied, it forms a glossy and resilient layer that acts as a shield against various environmental factors, including bird waste.
  2. Preventing Bird Waste Adhesion: The primary goal of applying ThinTech Metal Coating Gloss was to prevent bird waste from adhering to the statues’ surfaces. This protective coating creates a less porous and more resistant surface, making it difficult for bird droppings to bond with the statue material. By reducing adhesion, the risk of bird waste corrosion and staining is significantly diminished.
In essence, the application of ThinTech Metal Coating Gloss served as a proactive measure to protect the statues from further damage caused by bird waste. By preventing adhesion, it helped maintain the statues’ appearance and prolonged their lifespan, ensuring they continued to stand as impressive works of art.


  1. Mitigated Bird Waste Corrosion: The term “mitigated” indicates that the damaging effects of bird waste corrosion were reduced or alleviated. Bird waste corrosion, as previously mentioned, refers to the harm caused by bird droppings on the statue surfaces. This damage includes staining, pitting, or surface erosion due to the acidic nature of bird waste.
  2. Maintaining Statues’ Pristine Appearance: The application of ThinTech Metal Coating Gloss effectively protected the statues from further deterioration. By mitigating bird waste corrosion, the coating helped preserve the statues’ original, pristine appearance. This means that the statues retained their aesthetic beauty and structural integrity, allowing them to continue serving as prominent and attractive features.
In summary, the use of ThinTech Metal Coating Gloss was successful in minimizing the harmful effects of bird waste corrosion, ensuring that the statues remained visually appealing and well-maintained. This outcome contributed to the long-term preservation and enhanced the overall presentation of the statues.


ThinTech Coatings’ successful trials and applications of ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss and Metal Coating Gloss have demonstrated their effectiveness in preventing hydrocarbon and bird waste corrosion on statues and commercial building window sills across diverse locations. The coatings not only preserved the aesthetic integrity of the surfaces but also made them easier to clean and reduced contamination, leading to enhanced maintenance and extended surface life.


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