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Preserving Medellin’s Treasures: A Case Study in Statue Protection

ThinTech has made it our mission to provide long-term cost-effective solutions from exterior structural to industrial asset production our coatings stand in harsh environments


ThinTech Coatings specializes in advanced coatings for various surfaces to prevent corrosion, enhance durability, and simplify maintenance. Two of our flagship products, ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss and Metal Coating Gloss, were tested in multiple locations to combat hydrocarbon and bird waste corrosion, resulting in improved aesthetics and easier maintenance.


  1. Bird Waste Corrosion: The statues were susceptible to damage caused by bird waste, including droppings and residues. Bird waste contains acidic components that can corrode and deteriorate the materials of the statues over time. This corrosion can lead to surface staining, pitting, or structural damage.
  2. Hydrocarbon Corrosion: Hydrocarbons, which are compounds found in various urban pollutants such as vehicle emissions and industrial processes, were another threat to the statues. These substances can react with statue materials and contribute to corrosion, further compromising their appearance and structural integrity.
  3. Urban Pollution: The vulnerability of the statues to these corrosive factors was exacerbated by urban pollution. The presence of pollutants in the city’s atmosphere can intensify the effects of corrosion on outdoor surfaces. Factors such as air quality, industrial activities, and vehicular traffic contribute to the buildup of pollutants.
In essence, the statues in Medellin faced a unique set of challenges due to their exposure to bird waste, hydrocarbon corrosion, and the effects of urban pollution. Addressing these issues became crucial to preserving the statues’ aesthetics and ensuring their long-term maintenance and protection.


  1. Applied ThinTech Metal Coating Gloss: ThinTech Metal Coating Gloss is a specialized coating product designed to provide a protective layer on metal surfaces. In this context, it was meticulously applied to the metal components of the statues. The purpose of this application was to create a resilient and glossy barrier that shields the metal surfaces from corrosion caused by bird waste and hydrocarbons.
  2. Applied Concrete Coating to the Base: In addition to the metal surfaces, a Concrete Coating was applied to the base of the statues. Concrete Coatings are tailored to protect concrete surfaces from various environmental factors, including pollution and staining. By applying this coating to the base of the statues, it ensured comprehensive protection for the entire statue structure.
The combined application of ThinTech Metal Coating Gloss and Concrete Coating served as a proactive measure to safeguard the statue surfaces. These coatings acted as protective shields, reducing the statues’ vulnerability to corrosion and staining caused by bird waste and hydrocarbons. This application aimed to extend the statues’ longevity and maintain their aesthetic appeal, ensuring that they continued to grace Medellin with their beauty.


  1. Reduced Hydrocarbon Corrosion: The application of ThinTech Metal Coating Gloss and Concrete Coating successfully reduced the corrosion caused by hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons, often found in urban pollutants and emissions, can react with statue materials and lead to corrosion. By applying these coatings, the vulnerability of the statues to hydrocarbon-induced corrosion was significantly diminished.
  2. Eliminated Bird Waste Corrosion: Bird waste corrosion, characterized by staining and structural damage, was completely eliminated. The coatings created a protective barrier that prevented bird waste from adhering to the statue surfaces. This elimination of bird waste corrosion ensured that the statues remained in better condition and maintained their original beauty.
  3. Enhanced Visual Appeal: The protective coatings contributed to an enhanced visual appeal of the statues. By preventing corrosion, staining, and the accumulation of bird waste, the statues appeared cleaner and more pristine. The enhanced aesthetics made the statues more visually appealing to residents and visitors alike.
  4. Ease of Cleaning: The application of ThinTech Metal Coating Gloss and Concrete Coating not only protected the statues but also made them easier to clean. The coatings created smoother and less porous surfaces, reducing the effort required for routine maintenance and cleaning. This improved cleanability ensured that the statues could be easily maintained over time.
In summary, the combined effects of these coatings resulted in reduced corrosion, elimination of bird waste damage, enhanced visual appeal, and improved ease of cleaning for the statues in Medellin. These outcomes contributed to the long-term preservation and aesthetic improvement of these cultural treasures.


ThinTech Coatings’ successful trials and applications of ThinTech Concrete Coating Gloss and Metal Coating Gloss have demonstrated their effectiveness in preventing hydrocarbon and bird waste corrosion on statues and commercial building window sills across diverse locations. The coatings not only preserved the aesthetic integrity of the surfaces but also made them easier to clean and reduced contamination, leading to enhanced maintenance and extended surface life.


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