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Contamination Mitigation and Maintenance Reduction withThinTech Coatings at Mobil Gas Stations

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Mobil, a prominent oil and gas company, faced challenges in preventing oil and gas contamination of soils and water sources at their gas stations. Spills and leaks from fueling operations posed environmental risks, leading to soil and groundwater pollution. Additionally, the frequent maintenance required to clean these facilities incurred significant time and cost investments. To address these concerns, Mobil turned to ThinTech Coatings, a specialized solution that provided a non-permeable barrier at their gas stations. This case study examines the benefits of using ThinTech Coatings to reduce contamination risks and streamline maintenance processes at Mobil Gas Stations.


  1. Environmental contamination: Spills and leaks from fueling activities had the potential to contaminate soil and water sources surrounding the gas stations, posing ecological and regulatory challenges.
  2. High maintenance costs: Frequent cleaning and maintenance activities to address spills and leaks incurred significant labor and financial expenses for Mobil.


Mobil deployed ThinTech Coatings at their gas stations to establish a non-permeable barrier and enhance spill containment. The ThinTech Coatings offered the following advantages:
  1. Non-permeable barrier: ThinTech Coatings formed an impermeable layer on the surfaces, preventing oil and gas from penetrating into the underlying soil and water sources. This barrier effectively mitigated the risk of contamination, ensuring the protection of the environment.
  2. Easy cleanup: The non-permeable surface provided by ThinTech Coatings made it easier to clean spills and leaks. The coatings facilitated the containment and recovery of oil and gas, reducing the spread of contaminants and minimizing the time and effort required for cleanup.
  3. Maintenance reduction: By containing spills and leaks, ThinTech Coatings significantly reduced the frequency and extent of maintenance activities at Mobil gas stations. The easy-to-clean surface enabled swift remediation, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions.


  1. Contamination mitigation: ThinTech Coatings played a vital role in preventing oil and gas contamination of soils and water sources. The non-permeable barrier effectively contained spills and leaks, reducing the potential environmental impact and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  2. Improved operational efficiency: The easy cleanup properties of ThinTech Coatings streamlined maintenance processes at Mobil gas stations. The non-permeable surface facilitated quick and efficient spill containment, minimizing the time and resources required for cleanup activities. This resulted in improved operational efficiency and reduced overall maintenance costs.
  3. Environmental stewardship: By proactively implementing ThinTech Coatings, Mobil demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. The coatings provided an effective solution to prevent contamination and protect the surrounding ecosystems, positively influencing Mobil’s reputation as an environmentally responsible organization.


The adoption of ThinTech Coatings by Mobil at their gas stations proved instrumental in reducing oil and gas contamination risks and streamlining maintenance processes. The non-permeable barrier provided by the coatings effectively contained spills and leaks, preventing soil and water pollution. Additionally, the easy-to-clean surface facilitated swift cleanup, reducing maintenance efforts and costs. Mobil’s utilization of ThinTech Coatings highlights the importance of proactively implementing advanced surface protection solutions to uphold environmental standards, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the reputation of oil and gas companies in the realm of sustainability.


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